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Which Flavor is Mrs. G’s Hottest?

Since everyone’s palate is different and we define “mild”, “medium” and “spicy” differently, it may help to compare a particular jelly to something familiar to all of us.  I think most would agree that our three habanero flavors are “medium salsa spicy.”  I designed the habanero flavors to feature the delicious taste of habaneros and to complement the food paired with it.  I don’t like the heat to override flavor.  Since it does not contain any habanero, most everyone agrees that our mildest flavor, Jalapeno Garlic Lime, could be compared to “mild salsa.” It lacks extreme heat, but not flavor!  The first time I made it, I grabbed a spoon and ate half a jar (right out of the jar) in one sitting.

Which Flavor Do You Think is Hottest?